Friday, April 16, 2010

Dear Mrs. Procrastination....

I'm coming for you, one little project and goal at a time! Miracles don't happen over night, but I've been making a little bit of progress and I wanted to share one of the first projects I've finished in quite a long time.

I may or may not have shed a little tear over this one when I finished. I may or may not have muttered inbetween tears to my hubby, "Making this wreath and finishing reading The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks are two of the first things I've actually started and finished in a long time." Yikes! Bad day, much?!

I'm a work in progress for sure. I have MANY unfinished projects, books and crafts sitting around. Sometimes my sweet mother even insists on stealing them and finishing them for me, because she knows me well enough to know they probably aren't going to get finished in the near future.

My sister and I had a super fun girls day one recent Saturday afternoon. We lunched at Buffalo Wild Wings (my FAVORITE!!!!), did some shopping, took my nutty dog for a walk and then made these wreaths. My sister is incredibly crafty. It if weren't for her, I would probably be staring at a burlap covered wreath sitting next to a bag of half cut up fabric circles. :)

Needless to say, I was very proud of making this burlap spring wreath that Jen over at Tater Tots and Jello highlighted on her site.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dishing It Partaaaay!

Amanda at Serenity Now is having a Dishing It Party and I'm joining in! It's a chance for new bloggers to introduce themselves to the blog world and for old pros to share with us newbies who they are and how/why they got started. I figured since I'm new and went MIA after a few posts, this might be fun to do. Enjoy!

My name is Sarah and I got started with this blog back in March, I think? I dabbled for a few days, got discouraged and went on hiatus until just a few days ago. I began blogging just as an outlet for getting my thoughts and feelings out of my head and onto some "paper" with hopes of doing something about it! I always have tons of goals, plans, ideas, etc running wild in my head. Here's hoping blogging motivates me to take action on those plans...and if I create a few relationships in the mix, PERFECT! I plan to blog about anything and everything that pops up. I enjoy telling stories and hope to enjoy writing them as well!

Why I'll Run With You Tomorrow you ask? Easy! I'm the biggest procrastinator ever and my lack of follow through is out of this world! Just try me. When I was younger, my sister always asked me to go running with her. I always responded with "No, but I'll run with you tomororw". I really meant it. Needless to say, it didn't happen. She even made a tape (back in the day, huh?) for me with a bunch of my favorite songs on it titled....yup! You guess it! "I'll Run with You Tomorrow". Back then I never thought much about it. Boy, lately it makes more sense than ever. Big sisters know best, huh?

If I could pick a famous person to become my most loyal reader it would be Reese Witherspoon and maybe Sarah Silverman. I love Reese Witherspoon! She's so cute and seems so down to earth. And Sarah Silverman...HILARIOUS! Enough said.

Well that about sums it up! Welcome to my little blog about my little life. Happy Wednesday1

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Three Change Challenge

Happy Tuesday everyone! This wasn't the best day in the world, that's for sure. I've had a pounding headache all day and wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed in a dark quiet room. I came home and forced myself outside to take my pup, Jamie, out for a nice long walk. I love having her around. All she has to do is give me her sweet look and I melt into taking her for a walk. I enjoy it though. We have a beautiful trail near our house. Our long walks give me time to think and decompress from the day. I'm happy to say my head didn't hurt near as much when I got back! Yay for that!

Today I received a comment from Amanda at RuntoTheFinish She saw a comment I had made somewhere stating I really wanted to get back into running after taking a MONTH off! Yikes! She has started a 30 Day Three Changes Challenge. It's a really neat way to document the three changes you're planning to make in the next 30 days. She has a Google Document already started that each participant adds to. You can see what other people are working on, get support, receive support and hopefully meet your three change goal! Such a great idea. I'm so excited to get started. Here are my three changes from April 13-May 13. I can do anything for 30 days right?

Change #1 - NO MORE POP
This is such a hard one for me. Growing up I seriously drank upwards of 7,8,9 etc cans of regular pop PER DAY. So bad. I can only imagine what I put in my body. I was super athletic growing up, so luckily I never really saw the negative effects of what I was putting in my body...until the last few years. I'm by no means overweight, but I'm definitely hovering on the upside of where I should be for my height. I've tried SO MANY times to give up pop. I've even gone for weeks at a time with no pop. For reasons unbeknownst to me, I always end up coming back for more. Today begins NO MORE POP!!!!

Change #2 - Run at least 4 days a week/P90X 6 days a week
I began training for a half marathon back in December. I was rock star devoted and motivated. I even had some crazy ice spikes so that I could run in the snowy and icy weather...and I did! I ran in sub-zero temps while training. I was seriously doing great. Again, not sure what happened. Life got in the way. My husband's baseball coaching season started up, I began taking on more work, etc. Excuses. Strange thing is, I ran religionsly in the nasty weather, but stopped when it started getting nice. Strange, no? I want to get back to running. I want to enjoy the racing circuit in the Chicago area this summer. Even if that means just running 5ks and 10ks. Sometimes I set my sights too far and plan on running marathons and then let myself down. I just need to start steps. :)

Change #3 - Call two friends a week
I've talked about this in earlier posts (uhhhhh yeah, I think I only wrote like three posts prior to this, but whatever!). Friends have bounced in and out of my life over the last few years. I have a small few who are wonderful friends, there for me whenever and wherever I need them. I love them and am so grateful for them. I feel like I'm at a place in my life where I need my girlfriends. I also think it's really hard at this age to make new friends. Everyone seems to be pretty comfortable and set in their ways. I would really like to concentrate on nourishing the relationships that I do have and hopefully find some ways to meet new people in the meantime.

What are three changes you can make in the next month? Is there anything you've been thinking about changing or working on? Spring is here and now's the time to find ways to grow and become your best self! I've got a loooong way to go, but step by step, I'm making changes.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Baaaaack!

So yup, I'm back to this whole blogging thing! When I first started this blog a few short months ago, I was in a funk. Chicago seemed to be having a long, cold, snowy, never-ending winter. I usually LOVE the winter, but for some reason this one was rough on me. I was feeling a little lost, lonely and totally unmotivated to do anything but come home and lay on the couch. Writing this blog and reading other blogs sparked an interest in me....unfortunately it was a bit of a short lived interest! I took an unplanned break after only about three posts! Haha, a bit pathetic? YES!

But, I'm happy to say I'm back. I think I had this idea that I was going to start blogging and I'd "meet" lots of new people, get motivated to do a bunch of projects (hey, I completed a few!)and things would be wonderful. I didn't give it near enough time, this I know. I'm just going to take it slow and figure out this blog world, what I want out of it and how to get it to fit into my little life. I definitely know that it's something I want to do. I'm working on my most lacking personal skill - FOLLOW THROUGH! Here's to following through on my blog and bettering myself one day, one task, one skill, one "new friend" at a time. Care to join me as I figure some of it out?